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From taking photos to publishing VR, Okolo automates it all

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DJI pilots, automate the flying and capturing process with okolo

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Always the best views.
The ones from above

Most beautiful views and horizons are always seen from above. That’s why okolo climbs above everything, to 80 meters (or 260 feet for imperials). Not too high, but just a perfect height to get the best, unobstructed views possible.

Once we get you there, it’s up to you to explore the world - in search for sidetracked alleys, hidden beaches or simply to get better understanding of surrounding - the choice is yours.

Okolo climbs you, even when there’s no mountain or stairs to climb on.

Like a bird. Literally.

From the days of Icarus, people dreamt of flying. Today, have no fear of melting wings, you can fly from the comfort of your whereabouts.

With okolo VR not only you can experience the dizzy heights of anywhere, you can also travel around by simply looking in any given direction. If that’s not Superman-like, we don’t know what is.

You pick location.
okolo does the rest.

Whether you’re a pilot or an explorer, yours is to pick a location. Ours is to take care of the rest.

As a drone pilot pick a spot you wish to navigate from above, and we’ll take care of all the tech nonsense to create your aerial tour of the area.

And explorers? Pick a location, as well. Any location, worldwide, if there’s a nearby aerial tour, you’ll be able to explore it, from above. If there isn’t, you’ll be shown the nearest one, wherever it is. That wherever sometimes might be just too far for your liking, but fret not - our community of pilots will surely reach your secret spot someday, wherever it is.

Or with a drone at hands, you can take care of the matter, it’s that simple.

Aerial tours in a few taps.
Or clicks.

Creating aerial panoramas has always been a painful ride.

Once you got the photos somehow, it’s always been a process of too many softwares to juggle with, lots of tech jargon, money (a lot of it) and most importantly - time. Time you could have spent flying around or exploring world in the virtual way.

With okolo, it all boils down to a few taps. Or clicks. And your aerial panoramas or tours are done. All automated. No need to worry about photo stitching, missing sky, horizon level, nadir, compass orientations, proximity and angles of other nearby panoramas - okolo miraculously blends it all together, perfectly well.

DJI pilots, automate flight and 360° capturing process with okolo flight controller:

One plan: free for all.
And forever

Regardless if you are on okolo for exploring or creating purposes, we have only one pricing option.

Our deep belief is it would be completely unfair to charge you to create and publish your aerial panoramas. Or tours. Nor we believe in charging people to experience the world, from above.

That’s why our membership model is: free for all. And forever.

free for all

  • unlimited uploads
  • premium 360° stitching service
  • automated tour builder
  • DJI flight controller (iOS + Android)
  • unlimited sharing and embedding
  • $ 0/month
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Powered by you

Our core value is not the system we’ve built, but our community. People just like you. The ones willing to explore, fly and create world’s largest and undoubtedly best place enabling everyone - from Bangladesh to Canada; from playful toddlers to cookie baking grandmas - to fly, free as a bird. Or Superman.

With our $0/month pricing plan, lots on offer and free to take it all, what’s not to like?

Come and join us, help okolo be powered by you.

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