Navigating Okolo

Yours is to pick a location. Ours is to take care of the rest.

Most beautiful views and horizons are always seen from above. That’s why Okolo climbs above everything, to 80 meters (or 260 feet for imperials). Not too high, but just a perfect height to get the best, unobstructed views possible.

Once we get you there, it’s up to you to explore the world - in search for sidetracked alleys, hidden beaches or simply to get better understanding of surrounding - the choice is yours.

Pick a location, as well. Any location, worldwide, if there’s a nearby aerial tour, you’ll be able to explore it and navigate around it, from above. If there isn’t, you’ll be shown the nearest one, wherever it is. That wherever sometimes might be just too far for your liking, but fret not - our community of pilots will surely reach your secret spot someday, wherever it is.

Navigating Okolo is simple and natural and it feels like flying. Yet, you can take it one step further: with Okolo VR not only you can experience the dizzy heights of anywhere, you can also travel around by simply looking in any given direction. If that’s not Superman-like, we don’t know what is.