Suggestions & reporting

Our core value is not the system we’ve built, but our community. People just like you. The ones willing to explore, fly and create world’s largest and undoubtedly best place enabling everyone - from Bangladesh to Canada; from playful toddlers to cookie baking grandmas - to fly, free as a bird. Or Superman.

With our $0/month pricing plan, lots on offer and free to take it all, what’s not to like?

We’re still in our early days, lots to be added, fixed and some things even - removed. While we know where we want to take you, we want you to join us on that path, guide us towards the mutual goal: a global tour, from above.

If you have any comments, suggestions, likes or dislikes, let us know. Send us a message, join our Facebook community, or tweet us.

And if you have a camera enabled drone: come and join us, help Okolo be powered by you.