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Creating aerial panoramas has always been a painful ride.

Once you got the photos somehow, it’s always been a process of too many softwares to juggle, lots of tech jargon, money (a lot of it) and most importantly - time. Time you could have spent flying your drone or exploring the world in a virtual way.

For DJI owners, we’ve built Okolo flight controller app, which automates the process of capturing photos necessary to build aerial panos.

Capture up to 10 panos with one drone battery cycle using built-in waypoints mode or fly manually to desired location and altitude, letting Okolo take care only of the capturing process.

Flight controller app features two modes:


  • set up to 10 waypoints in the nearby area *, tap "go"
  • app will automatically take off, fly your DJI drone to each waypoint and tak all photos necessary for a perfect 360° pano
  • once completed, drone will return home and land

Single pano

  • fly manually using FPV and telemetry to desired point and altitude, tap "go"
  • Okolo rotates your drone, taking all necessary photos for a perfect 360° panorama
  • repeat as many times as you like

* due to technology limitations, for best results make sure you have high RC signal quality all the time. We suggest not flying further than 600 meters from homepoint in Waypoints mode

With Okolo, it all boils down to a few taps. Or clicks. And your aerial panoramas or tours are done. All automated. No need to worry about photo stitching, augmenting sky, horizon level, nadir, compass orientations, proximity and angles of other nearby panoramas - Okolo miraculously blends it all together, perfectly well.

After you land, the real magic happens:

  • upload your pano photos to Okolo (for each panorama you’ll have anything from 20 to 50 individual photos taken)
  • server will automatically stitch your panos (for tech savvy: create equirectangular photo from your individual photos)
  • augment missing sky (missing, due to drone camera limitations)
  • panos are instantly published online, within minutes of uploading
  • all other nearby okolos are automatically joined with a new one to create a virtual tour

Yes, it’s that simple.

Okolo flight controller app currently supports:

  • DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced and Professional)
  • DJI Phantom 4 series
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • DJI Inspire series

Notice: Please, always keep your drone in the line of sight. Never let the controller out of your hands and be ready to retake control at any moment. Have fun, but fly cautiously and obey local laws and regulations.

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