Other aerial platforms

Creating aerial panoramas has always been a painful ride.

Once you got the photos somehow, it’s always been a process of too many softwares to juggle with, lots of tech jargon, money (a lot of it) and most importantly - time. Time you could have spent flying your drone or exploring the world in a virtual way.

Okolo helps anyone with a modern camera-enabled drone can participate in capturing and publishing aerial panos and tours. Even though for best results we suggest using DJI platform, any drone will do.

With Okolo, it all boils down to a few taps. Or clicks. And your aerial panoramas or tours are done. All automated. No need to worry about photo stitching, augmenting missing sky, horizon level, nadir, compass orientations, proximity and angles of other nearby panoramas - Okolo miraculously blends it all together, perfectly well.

Capturing pano photos is easy:

  • Using FPV and telemetry fly to desired point and altitude
  • Make sure your drone is calm and able to hold position
  • Rotating clockwise (to the right), point your camera at horizon (or a bit over, if camera allows) and take one photo roughly every 60 degrees, until you completing full circle (coming back to where you started).
  • Photos should overlap at least 25% (what’s on far right of the view in one photo, should be on the left of the following photo)
  • Make sure all elements higher than horizon (tall buildings, mountains, etc) are captured in full height.
  • Repeat the process with different camera pitch angles - as with yawing, photos should overlap (bottom third of the upper row should appear at top of the lower row and so on)
  • Do not forget to take at least one nadir (straight to ground) photo

To create aerial tour, make sure to capture more than one panorama in the same area. For best results, it is essential to fly at constant relative altitude (we suggest 70-80 meters above ground) and keep distance between two points no larger than 150 meters (we suggest 70-90 meters).

After you land, the real magic happens:

  • upload your pano photos to Okolo (for each panorama you’ll have anything from 20 to 50 individual photos taken)
  • server will automatically stitch your panos (for tech savvy: create equirectangular photo from your individual photos)
  • augment missing sky (missing, due to drone camera limitations)
  • panos are instantly published online, within minutes of uploading
  • all other nearby okolos are automatically joined with a new one to create a virtual tour

Yes, it’s that simple.